Who's that girl?

Posted by Jonas Elfström Sat, 03 Feb 2007 17:56:00 GMT

So who's Alice? If you found this blog because of your interest in computer security it's a good chance that you already knew that in cryptography Alice, Bob and Mallory are often used as placeholders for common actors in different scenarios. I guess it's simpler to remember Alice and Bob than "The sender A wants to identify itself to receiver B" and alike. Alice usually wants to send data to Bob. If there exists an eavesdropper she is often called Eve. Mallory is a more dangerous animal than Eve because he has control over Alice's messages in such a way that he can change or resend then.

The first posting I had in mind for this blog involved Alice, Bob and Mallory and suddenly the blog had a name. That "article" isn't quite finished yet. Now it is.

This blog will most certainly not be about IT Security alone. I have been known to post some Ruby-snippets, JavaScripts and such in the past and will try to keep that up.

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